The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins Slime & Summertime Lime

Baskin-Robbins is taking fun to the next level this summer with a NEW, limited time only Sour Berry Slime topping and NEW Flavor of the Month.

The flavor experts at Baskin-Robbins found themselves elbow deep in green slime to create this fun topping that you can only get at Baskin-Robbins! 

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Sour Berry Slime is the perfect combination of sweet and slightly sour that guests can add to any scoop or shake for 99ยข. 

PLUS it's also available to take home!

And don't forget about Summertime Lime!

Summertime Lime, is a green and white citrus ice cream with a lemon-lime slime ribbon. 

The result? A one-of-a-kind flavor with a fantastically fun slime ribbon! 

This new bright flavor was inspired by summer.

So how can you enjoy Sour Berry Slime and Summertime Lime?

Get a scoop of our June Flavor of the Month, and add our Sour Berry Slime topping  for a sour, berry flavor experience. 

Our Sour Berry Slime is also great over Baskin-Robbins Rainbow Sherbet, Vanilla and Wild 'n Reckless flavors or added to a shake for an extra pop of flavor. 

Guests can also take home a bottle of Baskin-Robbins NEW Sour Berry Slime and a fresh-pack of Summertime Lime!

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